Monday, June 22, 2009

Nearly time to let go

Wow, the last two weeks have been amazing with the kittens. They have grown so much! They're all over 2 pounds each now, and they all seem to be incredibly healthy. It is common to visit them and discover they are using the family room as an obstacle course. They are into EVERYTHING! And beware if you are a cat toy - you will see much abuse. Their favorite game is to chase the leather strips tied onto a long stick. They will chase and leap after it (competing with Dee, who must have been a wicked mouser) until they are ready to drop.

Catwings is definately the rabble-rouser. It is rare to find him on the side lines of the kitten wars. More often, you can find him putting the beat-down on his brother and sister, or sometimes on Mama (although she can still pin him for a good wash). He and his sibs LOVE socks, or more accurately, love to chew feet encased in socks. 'Ware those who wear foot coverings, for they are the enemy! It is not uncommon for me to come into the family room in the morning to fill the cat bowl, and get both feet attacked by Catwings and Raiden while trying to get the food to the dish.

Raiden has cute down to a T. He is so soft and fluffy, he should be a celebrity. He has this slightly quizzical, worried expression when you stare at him. He and Catwings are nearly inseparable. I am hoping that they will be adopted together.

Kara is the quietest of the group, but she can be just as ferocious as her brothers when given the chance. She can often be found sitting on the sidelines, plotting how to take down both the boys at once. If you watch her, she will wait for the most opportune moment, then jump in and tackle both of them as they fight each other.

Dee has become an incredibly loving cat. She is always the first to greet me and insist on a cuddle. When we first got her, she was happy to be picked up and held, but she didn't initiate cuddle time; now, even when kittens are in my lap she will climb on and insist on her love too. I will miss her so much when she is gone to her forever home, but I am confident that someone will fall in love with her very quickly.

They go back to the shelter on Friday. We will miss them so much.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rascals and rapscalions

The kittens continue to thrive and grow. They are spending much more time playing than sleeping now. Catwings has discovered the cat food, and seems to enjoy chowing down. I haven't yet seen the other two show any interest, but I'm certain it will happen soon. Kara has figured out the basic mechanics of the litter box. It's quite entertaining to see her avidly scratching next to the box. The next step will be actually climbing in and doing her business.

Raiden seems to be becoming a shoulder cat. It is not unusual for him to climb up whoever is holding him and flop down on their shoulder to survey his domain. Unfortunately, he tends to head around the back if you lean forward, so getting him off can be a challenge.

More pics later today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First official vet visit

I took Delilia and the kittens to vet services today for their first vaccinations and general check-up. They did NOT like the car ride one bit. It was hot (nearly 90 degrees) and even with the air conditioning blasting, the poor things were pretty overheated.

Once we got there, they got weighed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Now the little ones are all crashed out in the family room. I hope they are back to being playful in the morning.