Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delilia moved her kittens

Well, I'm not sure what happened in the last 12 hours, but sometime this morning, Dee decided to move the kittens from under our couch to one of the cubby holes in our coffee table. The problem was that (1) there was a small space between the back of the cubby and the wall, so the kittens kept falling behind the table where Dee couldn't reach them and (2) there was no padding for the kittens to sleep on. When I got home, two of the kittens had fallen out of the front of the cubby and were crying, but Dee was still nursing the other two and didn't seem too concerned. I was though, so I made a nest inside the cat carrier and transfered the kittens into the carrier. So far Dee seems OK with this arrangement, but I am concerned that we may have stressed her out by spending so much time with her and the little ones.

So, with some reluctance we are backing off and giving her some space to take care of her kittens without interference.

I will have more pics up later today.

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