Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four beautiful kittens

Well, it is now 8 p.m. and we have four beautiful kittens - two orange and white, one dark fur with a white front, and one calico. The smallest one (the first born) already has a name: Catwings. S/he has two orange spots on her back, just like little angel wings. The other three are still waiting to be named.

I just finished weighing all of them, and here are their birth weights, in birth order:
Catwings 2.6 oz
Black & white 3.4 oz.
Orange & white #2 3.6 oz
Calico 4.0 oz

Here's the proud mama with her litter. The one in front is Catwings; you can see one of her "wings" on her shoulder.

Here's a short video that my daughter made after all the kittens arrived.

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