Monday, May 11, 2009

Concerning turn of events

All the kittens seem to be growing nicely, except Tag. Her growth curve has never been as healthy as the other kittens, and she seems to have lost about 1/2 an oz in the past 36 hours. I tried feeding her with the kitten baby bottle with no success. So today I went and bought an eye dropper. I have been able to get her to drink about 1 tsp of kitten formula, and I made sure she pooped afterwards. Dee seems willing to nurse her, but since Tag is smaller than her sibs, I am afraid she's getting pushed out of the way. I have also found her on the side of the kitten pile a few times, so I'm concerned she might not be warm enough. And of course, reading websites about "fading kitten syndrome" doesn't help.

So right now I have her tucked into the front of my shirt, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. She is sleeping, and she was purring when I stroked her head before. I know that I'm doing everything I can...I just wish there was a guarantee that it would all work out.

I have more pics to post but I may take a while to get to it, especially if Tag is going to need feeding every two hours.

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