Thursday, May 14, 2009

The disembodied meow

This morning my husband asked me if I had seen our cat, Merlynn. He said he could hear her meowing, but he hadn't seen her. I wondered if perhaps it was Dee expressing her displeasure at being in a smaller space. I went and checked on her and the kittens, but it was clear it was not her meowing.

We started hunting around for Merlynn. We opened the front and back doors and called to her. We opened the garage door. No Merlynn. I went upstairs and opened one of the bathroom windows (her favorite escape route). No Merlynn. I checked the linen closet. Nope. So finally, I went back downstairs and heard another meow. Ah ha! Cupboards. We started opening all the cupboard doors when suddenly, my daughter heard a sharp meow. She turned around and opened the FRIDGE door. Out popped Merlynn! She had jumped into the fridge earlier when my older daughter had gotten ready for school. Needless to say, she was pleased to be out and cuddled. The particularly humorous thing about this is that she did EXACTLY the same thing as a kitten - and was stuck in there for nearly an hour. Thank goodness for fur coats.

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