Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lots of updates

All the kittens are getting much bigger. Kara and Catwings have both doubled their birthweights, and Raiden and Tag are nearly there. Yesterday I took Catwings and Tag to Vet Services to get Catwings eye and Tag's belly button checked. I was told that Tag's belly button would be fine. The vet opened Catwings' eyes and gave me some drops to put in them three times a day. This morning, Raiden's eyes are starting to open.

Each of the kittens is showing more personality every day. Kara (the one in the front of the picture) is definately the heavy-weight of the group. She can usually be found pushing her way into the center of the pile, or pushing her sibs out of the way of the food she wants.

Tag seems to be fairly adventurous. The other day, Dee stepped out of the cat carrier and flopped down beside it on the floor, clearly tired of being nursed on. Within 60 seconds, Tag had crawled out of the cat carrier and was latched on nursing again.

Raiden is sweet. He seems very happy to hang out with his sibs and just snooze. Finally, Catwings is small but feisty - he often manages to fend off Kara's attempts at stealing the nipple he's nursing on.

Delilia is such a beauty. She seems to be showing more of her kittenish nature now that she has more energy. She often chases a string or her fur mouse when she is not nursing. She also continues to be very affectionate. It is rare for her not to come and greet me when I enter the family room.

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