Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We are slowly adjusting to having only three kittens. They continue to grow - they're all so fat! They're like little tubs of fat with stubby legs attached.

The whole family has temporarily been moved to our main bathroom, as the grandparents are coming to visit for a few days. Dee was a bit perplexed at first, but the move has prompted her to spend more time sleeping & snuggling with her little ones.

All three kittens are hitting some "milestones" early based on what I have read online. They can all pull up on their little legs for brief moments. They all purr (it's such a wonderful sound) and they are getting more interested in their surroundings and each other. I'm not certain if Catwings is trying to groom himself or whether he is sucking his "thumb", but there is certainly some grooming like behavior going on.

The only concern I have is that when I went into the bathroom this evening to weigh them, Raiden's back end was wet and smelly. Dee was industriously washing him off, but it looked as though he had a bit of diarrhea. The other two were fine, so I will wait and see. Given that the kittens are doing other things ahead of schedule, I suppose Raiden's elimination function may be getting more mature and he doesn't need to be washed to go to the bathroom. This is all such a learning process for me.

So, as of this evening Catwings weighs 12.2 oz, Raiden weighs 11.7 oz. and Kara weighs 13.3 oz.

Pics tomorrow. I promise

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